Karen and Sophie
Karen and Spectacular Silk (“Sophie”)

Caer Avallach Farm LLC is owned and operated by Karen and David Fildes, two life-long educators who feel the connections made with our equine partners fosters positive, social, emotional, and physical benefits.  The 45-acre facility is located in Southbury, CT, on a quiet, scenic road adjacent to open land trust where our horses and riders enjoy trail riding.

Our approach focuses on horsemanship above all else, with our riders learning from the ground up how to care for horses, in addition to the fundamentals of good, solid, riding.  Our professional training staff bring years of experience in the hunter/equitation ring to provide every rider with a customized program.

For us, horses are a huge part of our lives, and we help our clients experience that same level of dedication and commitment to becoming the best equestrian they can, no matter the ultimate goal.

If you are interested in coming out to meet our horses and staff, please contact Karen at karen@cafarm.com or (203) 233-3401 (feel free to text).